Friday, August 3, 2012

Somebody (Charly Thomas) ~ Au Weia

A bit of Friday afternoon fun(k) in the form of an obscure 45 from Germany.  "Au Weia" was written by Charly Thomas under the guise of "Somebody".  An infectious slab of organ driven funk from 1974, it's one of my favorite Laughing tracks (perhaps second only to Jim Backus & Friends : Delicious).  This one's going out to the old school Aubette NYC crew ~ Late night shots, tatter tots, chocolate fondue & Somebody on repeat...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Skratch Bastid & The Gaff - SOUL SISTERS, STAND UP!

The Gaff came through my crib earlier this week to check out some 45s, talk obscure breaks and hit me off with a hard copy of his & Skratch Bastid's new mix "Soul Sisters, Stand Up!"  This one's for all the heads and has been blowing up the Internet since it was released a couple of weeks ago...

It's a seamless blend of Sister Funk Classics old & new, and whether you've been listening to these tracks for years or are coming to them for the first time ~ there is a sense of instant recognition at the same time that there's a thrill of new discovery because of the joy with which these two have put their cuts together.  A definite labor of love it took them over 2 years of passing tracks and sections back and forth to come up with this fine tuned soul mover!  It's been on constant repeat here at Chez McBoing Boing, so I wanted to spread the love!
They've broken it into 2 parts for easier consumption...You can stream or download them here:

+ as a bonus ~ they made a video of them cutting up their Freda Payne x JVC Force routine!